Joint Study Programme

The Joint Master's Programme "Mechatronics" prepares high level of qualification master students with the broad knowledge in up-to-date mechatronics who are able to apply their analytical skills for innovation and knowledge integration with the demand of practices as well as for the research.

The greatest part of the programme consists of mechatronic system research management courses. The programme involves the most relevant questions of modern mechatronics such as: sensors in mechatronics; smart materials in mechatronics; integrated manufacturing systems; pneumatic and hydraulic systems and etc.

The partners institutions, VGTU and Germany Braunschweig University of Technology, has selected the newest study modules accordingly to the global technological tendencies.

Students of the joint programme are educated to apply their knowledge not only for research but also for the manufacturing processes of mechatronic devices at the workplace using high technology methods. It is strongly believed that graduates of this programme will be noticed for their broad expertise, analytical skills and creative solutions in developing mechatronic technologies, as well as projecting manufacturing and exploitation issues.

In the course of implementation of the Joint Study Programme “Mechatronics”:

Concept on Diversity & Equal Opportunities