Master thesis

Final module is assessed with grade for completed and defended final work or project.

The final module consists of a written master thesis which is rated with 28 credit points and a presentation rated with 2 credit points. Both parts have to be passed independently. The presentation may be given at maximum 4 weeks before the delivery of the master thesis.

The admission to the final module requires that all examinations have been passed successfully, i.e. 90 credit points are proven from the previous study of the Programme.

The registration for the final module at the faculty of mechanical engineering of TUB is mandatory. The regular preparation time for the master thesis is 6 months; the minimum preparation time for the master thesis is 4 months.

The thesis must be based on independent analytical or applied research, knowledge application or developed as a project, revealing competencies that correspond with the Programme aims. The graduate student in the master's thesis (project) must demonstrate that the master thesis is an individual qualification work done by the student,  evaluate research done in the concerned area, learn independently and make the research in the specific field (branch), describe his research, clearly and reasonably formulate research findings according to the requirements approved by the University. The author is able to independently collect and systematise the knowledge concerning the problem statement, to analyse appearing problems, that he has mastered the application of knowledge to solve engineering problems and has skills to use information technology and communicate in written form. The master thesis reveals how the Programme can help developing the postgraduate's intellectual capabilities, so that they are capable of solving technical and scientific problems by using acquired knowledge.

The master thesis has to be delivered until the given deadline electronically and 2 bounded samples to the examination board. It has to pass a plagiarism check carried out by the faculty. The evaluation of the master thesis and the final presentation has to be completed within 6 weeks after submission of the master thesis.

The master thesis is evaluated by two full professors, preferably one from each University. The evaluation of the final presentation and defense is performed by the first reviewer.

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