Model of the Studies

The standard period of study is 4 semesters: two semesters of study at VGTU and two semesters at TUB. This programme is considered as full-time studies. The joint programme is structured in a way to distribute the academic strain gradually through all the semesters. Moreover, one day per week as well as one week per semester is attributed to the individual work time, during which there are no lectures arranged in the university.

The academic workload of the students is regulated by the Programme‘s structure, studied subjects, and master graduation thesis. Independent work is regulated in accordance with a specific study subject module and structure. Studies take place in accordance with a schedule of classes. Full-time study classes are organized on work days during day time. During semesters, lectures, classes, laboratory works, and other assignments are distributed in order to enable the students to acquire the knowledge necessary for practical and laboratory assignments in a timely manner. Students must report for semester course work (projects) on Programme subjects, interim examinations, homework, tests, and other independent assignments before the end of the theoretical course of the semester in question. Each academic year includes two examination sessions: in the autumn and spring.  The examination session schedules are compiled in the study sub-system schedule database of the universities information systems. Examination session schedule is announced to the students no later than one month in advance of the session. Examination session results are provided in the information system as well.

The grades of the studies are assessed by the cumulative score principle for the accomplished course works, mid-term exams and final examination. The precise structure of the evaluation score is indicated in each module description and is going to be presented during the first course lecture.

The main types of assessments: 

  • Exam;
  • Credit;
  • Course project;
  • Course work;
  • Complex project;
  • Final master thesis.

Students are obligated to choose the supervisor for their final master thesis at the beginning of the first semester. Supervisor could be selected from lecturers in VGTU as well as in the Braunschweig University of Technology. Students should account for the final thesis arrangement stages each semester. In total the preparation of final thesis counts 40 ECTS credits. The public presentation of thesis is going to be conducted at Braunschweig University of Technology in Germany with the commission composed of lecturers and researchers from both universities: Braunschweig University of Technology and VGTU.